Loyalty Program

Yes, we know the $1 = 1 point system is very common but have you checked out our points structure? HalalWorld Rewards has been designed to give you much more to look forward to. Why you say? because we value your business and this is our way of saying thanks!

$1=1 point unless otherwise stated on certain products and offers

Rewards table

Bronze                             1000 points (1000 points earns $10 off your shop)
Silver                             2500 points (2500 points earns $30 off your shop)
Gold                                5000 points (5000 points earns $75 off your shop)
Platinum                        10000 points (10000 points earns $200 off your shop)


Worried about reaching the platinum status in time? you do not have to be! your points will not expire and can be redeemed whenever you like with the Maximum redemption amount being a $200 shop after accumulating 10000 HalalWorld Rewards points. To reach that Platinum status sooner, keep an eye our for our special offers.


All redeemed points will be reset once utilised, E.g. if you have 1320 points and decided to redeem 1000 of your points, you will have 320 points remaining.

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