About Us

The HalalWorld Online Grocery Store Journey started with a simple discussion early 2020 on a Halal Food page whilst skimming through Facebook. It was immediately noticed that many people have struggled locating quality Halal products that are readily available and within proximity, namely baking products. This got me thinking there is nothing quite as close to you than your very own doorstep and surely, I can find these products and ultimately have them delivered. The only question was why just baking why not everything else? so the journey begun!

The Search for Quality Halal goods across a Multitude of edible categories and cultural requirements was now my mission, the result of that research is what you find while browsing through the online store today. HalalWorld may not have every product but we do have many products and with your feedback we will work tirelessly to expand our product range, ensuring all your favourites are on hand and readily available!

Have the Flavours of the world delivered to your door, Quality ingredients & Convenience all in the one place

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